Sustainability at
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Our mission is deeply ingrained in sustainability, on many different levels. Firstly, we want to help you sustain a happy and healthy life. Our vitamins help with healthy habit forming, offering a daily ritual that’s low effort, high reward. Additionally, we want to help sustain a healthy planet, through reducing our CO2 emissions, introducing a refillable economy and reducing our plastic waste. Healthy people, healthy planet.

Sustainability starts with our sachets.

As of October 2020, our vitamin sachets are fully recyclable. As of May 2021, our vitamin sachets will be fully compostable, made up from a paper substrate with a water based coating. Our sachets meet the highest quality safety standards, with your vitamins being as fresh and protected as their plastic counterparts. This means we’re not compromising quality, or the planet.

How to recycle your vitamin sachets

Take your vitamins Rip open your sachet and carry
on with the same habit, just less
impact on the planet.
Recycle your daily pack Throw your pack into your
recycling bin.
Dairy-free Icon You've done your bit Once in the paper recycling
process your sachets will be
repulped back into paper again,
unlike petroleum-based
plastic alternatives.

Sustainability FAQs

Can the packs be recycled?
Yes, please use the paper recycling bin to recycle your daily vitamin sachets.
Why not create sustainable packaging from the start?
Good question. We were initially more focussed on quality - making sure vitamins were safe and stayed fresh throughout their shelf life. As we grew, we realised the importance of sustainability, and put a painstaking amount of hours into researching more sustainable alternatives that were free from petroleum-based plastics. As soon as we found these alternatives, we started implementing them - and we now have our finger on the pulse for ways we can keep innovating.