Honesty is always the best policy.

Especially when it comes to your health. In an industry full of overpromising, quick fixes and fine print, we’re putting the personal back into personalised wellness plans. Personalised isn’t just in our name, it’s in our nature, and we’re fighting back against mass personalisation.

We’re here to provide honest, personalised guidance

From your consultation with our nutritionist, down to the information in your packs - we will provide empirically backed recommendations. As much as we need honesty from you, we know you need honesty from us. We combine your personal health goals with our clinical research to provide the most effective nutrition plan to reach your health and happiness goals.

We’re here to provide end-to-end transparency

To be honest you have to be transparent, and this is paramount to us. From our sourcing, to our supply chain and finishing with our supplements, everything we know, you’ll know. Additionally, we believe knowledge is there to be shared, not hoarded. Everything we learn about our supplements, you’ll be the first to hear.

How we evaluate our products

You should always make informed decisions about your health. As with all science, research into vitamins and their ingredients and benefits are constantly evolving. We want to always be ahead of the curve with our offerings, but also want to be honest with how much research it’s informed by. So, we classify all of our products based on a review of existing research. This review is based on the amount of studies, result consistency, strength of the results, double blind placebo effect and methodology characteristics.

Mixed Bag Research A mix of positive and inconclusive results. Like the latest boxset leaving us on that cliff-hanger. Emerging Research The research here is evolving but is looking promising. Like a NY resolution that's still alive in February. On-Point Research Extensive research and positive results. Like going for a personal best ... and knowing you've got it. Bang-On Research There is a large amount of scientific consensus and very few who doubt the research. Mic drop. Timeless Research Ingredients trusted by ancient cultures that were here long before the modern world of supps and shakers.

Everything led by science

All of our decisions are heavily influenced by our Scientific Advisory Board,made up of leading doctors, nutritional experts and scientists from the world’s most renowned scientific institutions. They influence all touch points here at Personalised, from helping source and stay on top of the latest research, to helping us develop and expand our vitamin offerings.


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Senior Nutritionist

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